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Thread: help me out..

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    help me out..

    whats up ive been working out for a few years, and i am a blue belt in brazilian jiu jitsu, the sport demands mainly strength, technique, and flexibility,the one thing i lack is strength. i am a decent build of 5'8 140 lbs. i have been working out for about 2 years and just stacking protein and creatine and eating alot, trying to gain size, the problem is i cant gain size and it takes me a very long time to see it. im very interested in lookin into the steroid world i have tried a bottle of winni depot from a friend who hooked me up, which i did not see alot of increase. A fighter at my academy took Human Growth Hormone , and says its the best thing out and that it could do alot for me and he can get it from china or something. hes fights at 195 pounds,and is pure ripped muscle..i would just like to gain about 25-35 pounds pretty quick. i am dedicated to the sport and lifting and doing whatever it takes to better myself, i have a gold metal at a NAGA white belt tournament last march which i placed first in my weight class, so this is no joke to me. any help would be appreciated, thank you..chris
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    test e 400-500mg a week for 12 weeks with 10mg nolva ed and proper pct

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    if you arent afraid of every day injections then go with test prop at 50-75 mg ED with nolva at 10 mg ED, this will keep you from adding alot of water weight... research your PCT before starting anything it is the most important part

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    If you're stuck at 140lbs then I bet your diet sucks. Check out the bulking sticky.

    And you were born in 1988 so you're going to get banned.

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