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    Tamoxifen and Clomiphene

    How long will 50ml 20mg/ml of Tamoxifen last (a few weeks?). Also how long will Clomiphene 70ml 35mg/ml last. Is it enough for pct? thank you....

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    With the Tamoxifan it depends on if you run it for your whole cycle or just PCT. With regards the Clomid I do PCT like this

    Day 1 300mg Clomid
    Day 2-12 100mg Clomid
    Day 13-31 50 mg Clomid
    Day 1-31 20mg Tamoxifan

    So on that basis you will need 2350 mg and you have 2450 mg so you are OK there.

    If you just do Tamoxifan during PCT you will need 620mg and you have 1000mg

    To run Tamox through youre whole cycle of say 12 weeks at 10mg per day you will need another 840mg so you are screwed there. Maybe just keep the Tamox for PCT and have it on hand during the cycle in case you get signs of gyno
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