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    Diet for first cycle.....

    Would you VETS suggest this diet for a first timer?

    I got this out of the diet section. I am 24, about 185 @ 6'0, 13% or so BF. I am doing 325mg/week of Test E for 12 weeks, and possibly running Winstrol towards the end of it.

    I would like to gain some lean muscle, 5-10 pounds. I am not looking to get xtremely bloated or gain tons of fat that I then need to shed. I do realize you need to gain some fat to gain some muscle, but I would like to have close to the physique I am looking for by the end of the cycle.

    I wouldnt follow this diet exactly, but would keep the calorie intake and protein/carbs/fat distribution at pretty much the same.

    7:45 250 ml of egg whites
    2 small tortillas, mushrooms, fat free cheese & salsa
    1 English muffin with no sugar added jam & peanut butter
    15 gm of whey protein
    25 gm of oatmeal

    10:15 1 1/2 can of tuna
    15 ml of flax seed oil

    12:45 8 eggs & green onion & light mayo (makes an egg salad)
    3 pieces of whole-wheat bread w/ ham
    1 banana
    15 gm of whey protein
    1 yogurt

    3:15 1 1/2 can of tuna
    15 ml of flax seed oil

    5:15 120 gm of steak
    20 gm of whey protein
    50 gm of carrots
    5 ml of flax seed oil

    1 HOUR TRAINING START 6:00PM to 7:00PM

    7:15 60 gm of whey
    5 rice cakes (caramel flavored)
    1 apple
    2.5 ml of flaxseed oil

    9:30 125 gm of cottage cheese
    15 gm of whey protein
    1 no sugar added fat free yogurt

    TOTAL CARBS: 300 GM – 1200 calories
    TOTAL PROTEIN 320 GM – 1280 calories
    APPROX TOTAL FAT: 63 GM – 567 calories
    TOTAL CALORIES: 3047 calories per day
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    in the garage
    good for you
    let us know how this works out for ya

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    Too low in protein for me you might say that there is 320grams but this must be including thing like yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese and maybe even some of the carbs like wholemeal bread also things like ham, sausages and bacon i dont even consider real meat i wouldnt even feed them to a dog.
    I would caculate my protein intake out of things like chicken,tuna, steak, eggs and protein powder these are all complete sources of protein.

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    sounds awesome in respect to the kind of foods you've selected but I would go nuts trying to stick to a plan like that.
    If you just eat as much as you can of the foods on your list I think you will gain your weight.

    My first cycle I was 175 and got to 190 eating like you did. I extended the cycle and ate without so much thought into it just quality foods and shot up to 205 with greater ease and less pressure.

    still eat the same way and am holding between 198 and 208 depending on if Im thirsty or not , tired ,,,,ect......

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    looks good... gonna be hard trying to stick to that every single day... mix things up

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    I just dont like it then again all i eat is Brown rice,potatoes, oatmeal, chicken, eggs, steak,fish, protein powder.
    Things like an english muffin, jam, peanut butter, cheese and even an apple would be a complete luxury for me
    Heres my current diet all measurements are pre cooked this is what i eat every day i am currently dieting
    Meal 1 9.00
    100g oatmel
    66g whey protein
    Meal 2 1200 post workout
    50g whey
    70g glucose
    Meal 3 1.30
    400g baked potato
    300g tuna
    Meal 4 4.00
    80 g brown rice
    300g chicken
    Meal 5 6.30
    50g brown rice
    300g chicken
    Meal 6 9.00
    4 whole eggs boiled
    66g whey
    Meal 7 11.30
    200g stak grilled
    50 g whey
    Meal 8 04.30
    50g whey
    Off season i eat exactly the same but just increase the carbs

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