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    Questions about first cycle at 37

    Hey Guys, I posted this on the over 30 panel but didn't get much response.

    I am 37 years old and have been weight training naturally for 20 years but am new to the world of AS and seeking some answers.
    My brief history- I think I ended up a bit ahead of the curve by accident when it comes to training programs. About 15 years ago I couldn't keep up with the routines the books and magazines at the time were touting.
    IE 12-15 sets of 8-12 reps per body part twice a week. I made my best gains using 6-8 sets of 4-8 reps while trying to go all out on each set and increasing the load as much as I could. At the time I thought I may have been a wuss because trying to do the set and reps schemes that were in vogue burned me out in about 2 weeks time I just couldn't handle it. At any rate it seems the trend now is towards fewer sets and reps with heavier weights.
    I made slow but steady progress up until the past two years when I have seemingly hit a wall no matter what I try. I am involved in the horse racing industry and have access to Equipoise and Winstrol -V. I have no sources for anything else and really don't want to deal in the black market at this point anyway.
    I'm trying to put together my first cycle and am considering the following and would like input from experienced AS users.
    12 week cycle
    Week 1-6 Equipoise 400 mg per week
    Week 7-12 Equipoise 400 mg per week Winstrol V 100mg EOD

    After reading some of the other posts on the site I'm planning on ordering Femara as an Anti-estrogen during the cycle and nolva for pct.

    My goal for the cycle is to add between 5 and 10 pounds of solid muscle and to push through the sticking points I've run up against over the past several years.
    The only supplements I've used for the past several years are a daily multi-vitamin, Glucosamine for sore knees and elbows, creatine and protein powder.
    I think my vitals are pretty good for being all natural so far but they probably won't impress experienced AS users.
    I'm 5'8" 178 pounds
    Chest 45 inches Biceps 17 1/2 inches waist 32 inches thighs 24 inches
    Max current lifts Bench 375, incline bench 305, close grip 285, dips 180 added, press behind neck 230, barbell curl 190

    Sorry this post was so long guys but any ideas or info you can give to help me out would be appreciated. I think I'm pretty knowledgable about weight training but am clueless when it comes to cycling.

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    That wouldn't be a good cycle...... and EQ and winny will be hard on your joints.

    A better cycle would be

    1 - 12 Enan 500mg /wk
    1 - 14 Nolva 20mg ED
    Start PCT 2 weeks after last Enan injection
    Day 1 - 30 Clomid 100mg / 20mg Nolva

    You may even want to run 4g of Tribulus ED through the cycle and definitly with PCT. It can be found at any sup store

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    the answer is right below you, oasis hrt theropy, 37 you need some test.

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    where the heck its ur Test bro ???

    no test u get scolding here and bro 37 1st cycle? wow dont mind me saiding its late quick start ur cycle with test eq winny and dbol or anadrol if you r healthy and bro enjoy

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    Thanks guys, I will check into getting some test. If I can't I may stay natural for a while longer. Have had some elbow and knee problems in the past and don't want any more joint problems.

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    Test should not be to hard to get in your industry.

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