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    Abdominal Hernia??

    Anyone ever had an abdominal hernia from lifting? Im talking about the area where your ribs split at the bottom just above your stomach. Ive noticed a hard lump there and it hurts like hell when i press it or even inhale sometimes..

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    I have one right on my belly buttom. It hurts like hell only when I touch and recetly it got smaller so I never went to the doctor. I can lift with no problems except sometimes tighting my belt will put to much pressure on it.

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    Ok my friend is one of the top pl'ers in the world and he had one of those after his last meet. He couldn't eat because his stomach was right up against his ribs. He had an expert massage therapist dig in there and actually separate his ribs to put things back where they belonged. Get a GOOD massage therapist who knows what they're doing.

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    just had surgery last wed 10/6 for a umbilical and a inguinal hernia. i would get it fixed as soon as you can b4 it get worse. the umbilical took 12 staples to close and the ingunial one took 14, hurts like a mofo the first couple of days,

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