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    7 week cutting!

    I finished a deca /ethante/d-bol cycle in January i go excellent size form it however i also gained some fat due to high calorie intake. I want to run a cutting cycle before summer to trim up and look top notch for the beach
    stats 190lb bodyfat 10% around. Cycle will start in April
    weeks 1-7 fina 100mg e/o/d
    weeks 1-7 prop 100mg e/o/d
    i cant add winny cause it makes my hair thin like mad, what else could it add?
    or is this ok the way it is????
    Thanks Luke

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    i wouls shoot 100mg/day of prop and run it 10 weeks, 75mg/ed of tren for 8 weeks. other than that iw will b a good cycle, maybe some var or o.t.

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    yeah i agree with tycin ... shoot the prop at 100 and the tren at 75 ... if ur not a fan of winny then go with anavar .... 10 weeks is a good cycle ... but no less than 8 i would say

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