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    question for the experienced on tren and prop ratios

    I posted this in the lab also, but thought I might get more/better responses here, so here it is. Here's what I got and what I'm trying to do... I have 10g of test prop powder and 8g of tren acetate powder and am trying to get them to the right ratios. I know if I use a 100ml kit on each of them it will give me 100mg/ml of prop and 80mg/ml of tren (which would be perfect for ED injections). Problem is if I do that, I will be shooting 2ml ED and that will get rough if I try to keep up a good rotation of sites so I am not sticking the same spot too often. My thought was, if I take the same powder and put them into 50ml kits instead of the 100 ml kits, I will be able to draw 1/2 a ml of each and only be injecting 1 ml total ED, making it much easier to keep the rotation. The question I have is by doing this is the mixture going to produce a super painful shot and does anyone see a high probability that it would crash due to the high concentration? I know prop isn't that pleasant pain wise anyways, so doubling up on the pain isn't in my idea of fun things to do!

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    I did the same cycle about 8 months ago. I even upped it to1 1/2 ml of each for the last 3 weeks (just trying something different). I shot in my glutes and in only one quad because I had a hematoma in the other and I was fine. I think if u up the doses that much u are going to hurt like a sob. Thats my 2 cents

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