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    Ok to run Dbol 5 weeks?

    I just had a quick question on my current dbol /test e cycle. I am on week 3 of 500mg test/wk. and 30mg dbol/day. I am seeing awesome strength and weight gains. But anyway heres my question...I have enough Dbol to run it for 5 weeks instead of the originally planned four. Is this ok or am I going to be doing more bad than good? Thanks.

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    its not the norm, but i have done it . your test will be kicking in , so there no need for the d/bol. should not be a problem though

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    You'll be fine, I've run 60mg for 8 weeks, liver values were within normal range (tested during week 7)

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    as long as you are not seeing any bad sides, i see no problem with it. I have done it myself.

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