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Thread: *-Pharm winny

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    *-Pharm winny

    i did a search and found some of their other products,but nothing on the winnyV 100mgs/ml. Anyone who has used this product have any opinions on it?likes and dislikes.

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    pm a mod

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    i was not looking for legitamicy of a source or something that i felt was worth wasting a mods time,but rather was looking for the opinions of anyone who has used it.Sorry if i am coming off the wrong way cause that isnt my intentions.If this post should not be put up i will erase it and pm a mod,but if its ok by the rules i would like to leave it and get everyones opinions on this.

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    Don't worry about wasting our time. Vets and mods typically will put in their signatures if they don't want to be pmed about source questions.

    Just do us all a favor and only pm one or two of us at a time. No sense keeping us all busy when there's a ton of questions to answer.

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