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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Just started first course on MOnday
    150mg of Deca E/W
    150mg Stanazol E/W
    Is that alright for my first course
    I was going to go
    200mg Deca and Stanazol 2nd week
    Can someone give us advice?
    Should I do a Deca course first than A stanazol or do both at the same time?

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    Deca and Winny w/ no Test? You'll be lucky if you can get a boner in a couple weeks.
    You should have researched before you started.

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    awful awful cycle... Honestly this is one of the worst ive seen in a while. With that being said... You should never run deca without test. However 150mg is really low, if you gain anything off that I will be impressed besides gaining side effects. Winstol should be shot or drinking everyday at 50mg, thats 350mg a week. At 150mg a week, your blood levels will be all over the place and not near enough to see results. Personally i would never take winny and deca together because they are complete opposites.

    My suggestion is to stop now and do more research. A simple test enanthate cycle for 10-12 weeks at 300-500mg a week is perfect.

    Do you have any anti e's? What happens if you get gyno? Do you have pct? How long do you plan on running this so called "cycle"? Heard of deca dick?

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    yeah thats a terrible cycle. You need to do research before you put stuff into your body. Im just wondering why you chose to do those two and those amounts? Seriously, spend some time on here reading the posts and doing some searches. You'll be a lot more knowledgeable in no time, and then realize why your "cycle" is no good.

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    you should stop and do your research first.

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    As above
    500 mg test enanthate 10-12 weeks
    30mg d bol ED 1-4 WEEKS(optional)
    20mg nolva ED

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    Bro this is not a flame at ALL, but you're body would be greatful if you don't do this cycle and don't plan another cycle until you have done some more research. With a cycle planned like that you obviously aren't ready for steroids . Please wait a while a educate yourself more on the subject.

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