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Thread: Is this ok?

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    Question Is this ok?

    Age 23 Today!!! 200pound, 90kg's 6ft 12%bf been traing for 3 years gained 18kg's about 38 pound. All naturally. Stayed the same weight for the last year. Now my first cycle and i have 20ml of prop and 20ml of cyp to work with, so any suggestions? My mate said:
    week Monday/prop Friday/Cyp
    1 1ml 1ml
    2 1.5 1.5
    3 2 2
    4 2.5 2.5
    5 3 3
    6 3 3
    7 2.5 2.5
    8 2 2
    9 1.5 1.5
    10 1 1 nolvadex every day and clomid for pct

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    I dont reallly understand the way you have laid that out i would go with this, simple but effective
    Weeks 1-4 30mg d-bol ED
    Weeks 1-12 500mg test enanthate split into 2 shots
    20mg nolva ED

    Start PCT 2 weeks after last shot of test Enanthate

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    first of all.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    second this looks like sh*t
    prop needs to be shot ed or eod
    dont cycle youre doses
    just stick with 500 mg cyp ew diveded in to shots


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    wk 1-4 prop 50mg ED
    wk 1-10 Cyp 500mg a week

    10mg nolva ed
    begin pct 17 days after last cyp injeciton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Consistency
    wk 1-4 prop 50mg ED
    wk 1-10 Cyp 500mg a week

    10mg nolva ed
    begin pct 17 days after last cyp injeciton
    I agree 100% with Consistency. You should also be specifying concentration, not ml's. All a ml is a volume of fluid. You need to know what concentration of hormone you would be injecting. I would guess that your prop is probably 100mg/ml and the cyp is 200mg/ml. Thus 50mg of prop is 1/2 ml.

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