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Thread: BP moniters

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    BP moniters

    This is probably a wast of a thread but where do you guys get your BP monitors and what are the best ones to look for?

    Iv'e been looking everywhere and only see those stupid watch ones.

    I've checked one pharmacy with no luck, i'll have to keep looking.


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    Try a medical supply web site. Google it.

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    I got mine off of ebay for cheap!! Check there.

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    what type is the best, the automatic ones or the manual ones? Also, be sure to look at the cuff size, the normal one will only fit a matharon runner

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    Im a critical care flight paramedic with experience in the ER, ground ambulances, doctors offices, and air of course. Ive seen and used ALL types of BP cuffs and machines..the least accurate are the automatic ones..mostly b/c people dont change the batteries when they should and then it gives false readings. Most accurate but not practical if its just you..are the manual ones. Obviously hard to use by yourself. If you buy an automatic one, change the batteries on a regular basis (regular depends on how often you use it) and take it with you to a docs office,fire station, etc..have them take your BP with a manual cuff then use your machine immediately after to compare BP's. Thats the best way to tell if its giving you accurate pressures. Im sure you can also send it off to the company for calibration but thats not neccesary unless after new batteries you are still getting BP's that are significantly different than what the docs office is getting. You can order XL cuffs for the automatic ones too. Make sure whoever takes your BP has the proper size cuff-thats also gives inaccurate readings.

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    I have a Life Source model ua-787 I picked up atwal-mart fot around $65. This is my second one as I had to return the first one(don't remember the manufacture) because the cuff size was too small which will give inadequate readings.

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