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    POLL..Please reply!

    Ok, I was in another thread, and everyone was giving GREAT advice, but leaving out the very last part, the most crucial part. Anyway, for anyone who wants to read the previous thread started by me here it is:

    Please, I have done the research, I eat clean, and workput HARD. What is the best cycle for putting size on, who has had the most success with what? I know alot of peeps say d-bol, but that bloats me. I want a HUGE chest! I have all the other stuff, please read the previuos thread!

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    test only cycle preferrably test -e for 10-12 @ 400mg for beginners
    do a search for beginners cycles there is a great thread on it read it then layout a full cycle so ppl. can help you
    noone is here to construct a cycle for you
    do the legwork then ppl. can help steer you in the right direction

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    What? I have done more research than I feel I need to. All anyone has to do is read the previous post, the link is right there... i am no fool when it comes to juice, just need to know others opinions! Especially with my problem, hint hint previous thread!

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    So how may cycles have you done?
    I think you looking for somthing that will take yrs to get.
    I did just get done reading your other thread. How long have you been working out ?
    How big are you now?
    I have just got of a cycle and I thought I was not any biger.
    Now every one at the Gym and at work are telling me
    I have gotten so big
    WEight i gain was 15 pounds and its not water
    I to would like to be much bigger but that will happen in time you can bet your life on it
    and Im sure you will
    Good luck Bro

    how big are you now?

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    Ya wanna get big????

    Slam the Test, pack the D-Bol and eat huge. PERIOD. Simple and successful.


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    There is no magical formula. You may not have the genetics to ever get huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickson
    There is no magical formula. You may not have the genetics to ever get huge.
    exactly. I think this is what he expects.

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    I live at the gym
    is this your first cycle? sorry to break it to you man but you are not going to get huge gains without getting bloated and putting on fat its just how it works. If you want to get big then 90% of it is DIET DIET DIET... maybe 10% is the gear. sometimes you cant have your cake and eat it too.

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    crashing my boat
    50 mgs dibol 1-5

    400 deca 1-10

    500 test e 1-12


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    Try the "Gramabol " by Brock Strasser

    Check your PM bro

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