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    stuff on the way. thoughts appreciated

    My stuff is on the way:
    test prop,deca ,winni,nolva,& clomid
    5'6", 10-12%bf (30" waist), 176lbs., 33 yo.
    Want to add good quality lean muscle(10-15 lbs) while reducing bloat and fat. I do not want to blow up and then lose my gains afterward. Diet has been in order, will get even better. Here is what i'm thinking:

    test prop: 60mg/day (variable times each day) weeks 1-11
    deca: 300mg/week weeks 1- 10
    nolva: 10mg/day continually weeks 1-15
    b-6: 200mg/day continually weeks 1-15
    winni:50mg/day weeks 7-12
    clomid: weeks 13-15 pct (according to pct chart here in forum)

    mesomorphic build with fast metabolism
    Past cycles: (2)testoviron depot, (1)sustanon
    Please critique. Any experiences you can share will be appreciated. Any personal problems with the above cycle, side effects other than i have researched?

    thank you

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    looks good to me. maybe some letro to keep bloat down.

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    What were your dosages/results like on your previous cycles?

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