hey guys,

ended up in hospital today after the past 2 weeks have been hell with pain. was a bit worried coz im in week 3 of test e/dbol cycle (dbol ends this friday) so thought i was in **** for when they tested my blood.

Blood pressure was 124/66, that any good? resting heart rate of 78

thing was my blood work came back and all my numbers were fine, they didnt give me them but i was a bit relieved to be honest! they only did kidneys, liver, white blood cell counts, and basic health check on it. was a bit of a cancer worry rly!

just wondering rly if my heart rate was ok considering im on my fiorst cycle and always thought bp went sky high. also, had they tested my test levels, would they have gotten a huge figure on it? the test hasnt kicked in yet (only been 15 days since 1st injection)

my real question tho is can i still take my dbol this week while im on CIPROFLOXACIN? its an antibiotic, incase your wondering

any help would be appreciated