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    Help with cyle and work outs while offshore

    I am 30 an have done several cyles. 5 7" 175 lbs just had back and hernia surgery. I nee to loose some fat and put on quality muscle.

    I want to take test depot = 110 test enanthate & 25 poprianate also eq, winny, anavar , and clomid.

    Every 3 days test depot and 75 mg eq for 12 weeks
    weeks 13-16 50 mg winny depot orally and 20 mg anavar. I hate shooting winny.
    weeks 17-20 clomid

    How does this look.

    I am working off shore now. Some boats/rigs have weight rooms, however I am wanting to buy resistance bands or dumbles "adjustable" ones to take with me. Any advice on which to get and where to buy them. I am limited to what I can pack in a rubber maid box 36L X 20 W X 15 deep

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    rubber bands are awesome, I would say take a total gym but you probably cant fit it in there.
    Take some of those huge blow up balls, you can use them as a bench to do dumbell presses and what not. They pack good when deflated. Get a pull up bar and some upside down boots. You can get a great leg workout by hangign upsidedown and pulling your butt to you heals. Also awesome for abs, not to mention great for your back as well. Take a yoga mat with you. You can work a lot on flexibility, after those surgeries your body needs it, as well as good core strngthening! I personally think you can get great results by doing workout with your own body weight, you will probably feel better too!

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