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Thread: Post cycle acne

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    Post cycle acne

    i finished my last cycle on oct1/2004 followed by proper pct. As far acne i didn't have any on cycle(very mild) but after i came off it got worse but nothing too crazy. Now since last month till now its gotten way worse. Any suggestion !!! I was readin in one of the threats how dawn dish washing soup helps out so i picked up a bottle of thier original n gonna try it out. The acne is just on the shoulders/arms n Back

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    I get the same thing. Right after PCT my acne gets bad. I also notice when Im not in the sun much it gets worse. The only thing that works for me is sun and clean sheets and cloths. Use fragrence free soap for your cloth and some kind of acne face wash on your problem areas. Also try not to sit in hot showers too long.

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    Accutane cleared mine up, in fact it's the only thing that helped. Thank god I dont come off anymore as the only time I really get acne is post cycle while my hormones are coming back to normal, and it's really bad.

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