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    Anvar and ??? for a cycle?

    First post here and am afraid of getting slammed. Anyways, here I go.

    I am a AS Newbie/Novice. I have been studying AS for nearly 4 months now and have consulted with various medical professionals who are experts in the area. I have also considered my goals and objectives and think that Anavar is the best route for me. Was curious after reading that Andriol or Primobolan boosted Anavar cycles.


    38 years old
    195 lbs
    12.5% bf
    seriously training for 10+ years

    My goals are primarily to see only slight gains. I have tapped out the benefit of creatine, protein, and eating clean and feel my genetic max has been reached.

    I am not looking for enormous weekly changes or to pack on huge amounts of mass, but I am looking for long term, sustainable gains in size and strength. If it takes 3 months to achieve then I am fine with that. I should also say that cost is a secondary factor, and not driving my cycle decisions. Basically if I could add between 5 to 8+lbs of LBM in a 12 week period I would be thrilled.

    I am considering an 8-10 week cycle of Anavar that would consist of 50mg ED. I like the potential of fat burning and slight sustainable gains with minimal side effects. I will be taking milkweed and/or some other liver protectant throughout the cycle.

    In my research, I seem to have run across a number of comments about stacking with Andriol (Tablets) or Primobolan (Tablets). Due to the good fortune of spending extensive time in Brazil, all of these products (Anavar, Andriol, and Primobolan) are readily available for a very reasonable price.

    My Question: Is stacking Anavar with either of these two products going to boost the cycle that much? If so, which would provide better results.

    Secondly, Assuming 50mg of Anavar ED, what would be the dosage for Primobolan or Andriol.

    I know that this is an all Oral cycle, but I think it fits in best with my goals and objectives.

    I do appreciate the input of experience.


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    If you do anything at all, do the var only cycle, dont add anything to it. I think you will be more happy with a low test only cycle. Like 300-400mg a week. You can easily gain around 15 and keep atleast 12+ lbs

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    I also agree that the Var only cycle would be your best bet. Andriol has to be taen in a very high does to be effective and isn't worth the cost in my opinion. I think at your age you would also do very well on test only at a dose even as low as 250mg/week for an extended period of time.

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