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Thread: Cycle Journal?

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    Cycle Journal?

    I'm getting ready to start a cycle, would anyone be interested in me keeping a journal of exactly what happens, as far as weight, bodyfat, measurements, side effects, and dosage, just let me know and i will post it when i get done with my cycle. I am planning on running a fairly low cycle, of test ethenate 250mg/ml and EQ 250mg/ml at .75ml of each every 5 days, a little low i know but i'd rather go slower and keep more of it. any thought on the cycle i'm planning on running it for about 12 weeks and then proper PCT of course, i'm allso going to be keeping track of everything i eat on, trying to run about 5k to 6k calories a day with lots of greens. i'm gonna try and lay off the sauce but i may sneak a beer in every week or so, it is rugby season.
    also any critiuqe on that cycle would be helpful, its not set in stone. Right now i am 6'1 191 hoping to be up to around 215-220 range. lots of lifting.

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    You need to make a better cycle than that. Run Test E at 500mg per wk for 14 weeks and the EQ at 300for 12 weeks. But yeah, its always cool to see what guys are having kind of results. I would def read your post on your cycle.

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    yeah its called the "member results" forum... there are thousands of journals in there

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