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    couple questions

    Okay, I'm just gonna throw this all in one thread so bear with me.
    I can either do sus @500 deca @200/wk w/dbol 1-4 @20. Or else I can do cyp @250 enan @250/wk w/dbol 1-4 @ 20. Either one of these will go 10 weeks. Which do you think is the best cycle for a 1st timer? I have the stuff to do both. Just can't decide which one first. I will run arimidex the whole way @ .5 ed. Nolva on hand.

    The other question is...I'm going to mexico in august and planned on starting May 15 or so. Meaning that I will still be using clomid when I go to mexico possibly. Is this not a good idea because I will probably be drinking in Mexico?...I just want to look good because I'm going with this lady I've been trying to hook up with for a long time, that's why the cycle starts then. Any suggestions appreciated....

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    if you go with the sus/deca /d-bol cycle, if i were you i would get some taraxatone to drop the deca h2o retention, especially if your trying to impress this girl. youll notice your belly coming out a little and thats where the taraxatone comes in. you can find it at
    cycle 2 might make you retain too much water than cycle1

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    I just did a similar cycle:

    Test En 500mg/week weeks 1-10
    Deca 400mg/week weeks 1-10
    D-bol 25mg/day weeks 1-4

    It was a good cycle! (Close to 30lbs of lean muscle!)

    My suggestions:

    Go with the first option. The second is basically 500mg of Test w/ d-bol 1-4. Why mix two Tests? En. and Cyp. are, for all practical purposes, are the same thing.

    Use Test. En or Cyp instead of Sustanon ! They are long-acting test. esters and the blood levels will stay very even. Sustanon's mix of esters causes a lot of spikes and troughs in the blood levels.

    Bump the Deca to 400mg/week.

    Have fun in Mexico!

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    go for ajax's selection. single ester tests are much cheaper than sust and makes no difference in effectiveness.

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    thanks for the help guys. I already have enough sust for the cycle so I don't know what to do with it. I just can't decide which cycle to do first...I have the gear for both already, besides the deca which I'm about to get (unless someone changes my mind). I was just adding deca for the pain in the sust. Should I just use the cyp with the sust and say screw the deca for now? Then hold onto my testoviron 's for some other time?

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    im taking the 1st cycle u stated..ill tell u how it goes, i am just worried that the arimidex will keep a lot of my gains from showing up after what i have been reading

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