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    LiquiDex or tomax

    What one would be better to run durring a cylce liquiDex or tomax from this site. While on Letro, Test C 600 a wk, Deca 30 a wk, Clenn, Winny50eod, Anavar 35mg ed.
    I have this all broken down for my next cycle with a pct. If anyone wants to know it i'll post.

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    you only need one AI, the letrozole will do you well. Add in 10 mg of nolva (tamox) a day, it helps keep your cholesterol in a tolerable range.

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    get both
    use the l-dex in your pct
    and use the tamoxifen how dude-man says but
    bump the dose up to 20mg ED when you start pct

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