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    My Left hand is so friggin unsteady

    I cant inject in my glute with it without moving the needle around like a mutha****a....I think I will only inject in left delt and right glute now....anything where I dont have to use my left hand

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    Believe me... this is something that you will want to get over very soon. Just take your time. I have the same problem of moving the needle around a little bit, but it doesn't hurt anything. Like I said... take your time. The further you get into AS use the more injection sites you will want. Plus, if you only shoot in those 2 places then you will get scar tissue build-up and you don't want that. Good luck.

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    Bro - you gotta rotate injection spots or you will have so much scar tissue you won't be able to punch thru it

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    hey, at least its not going numb...**** gH but god knows i love it!

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