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    Question Transfer From Cutting To Bulking Diet

    I am currently cutting up right now without any gear. Things are going well. I am doing 2500 calories a day at 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. I am 5'11 200lbs. I cut 6% bodyfat in the last 8 weeks. My problem is this. In two weeks I will be doing a lean mass cycle and my calories will be bossted to 4000 a day. Should I jump right from 2500 to 4000 virtually overnight or should I do a steady increase of calories over the next few weeks.

    My lean mass cycle will consist of:

    Week 1-10
    500mg test e/wk
    400mg eq/wk

    Week 11-15
    400mg eq/wk
    150mg test p/eod
    75mg fina/eod

    After week 10 I will cut calories again and resume my cutting phase.

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    IMHO. Bump the calories by 500 every week/every second week till you reach your desired level.

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