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    what the hex is wrong with me dang it!!!

    ok guys i need alittle help..... first off I'm in my late 30's been working out for 3 years now keep in great shape and eat very healthy my prob all started about 1 year ago .I have been so darn tired and so weak and have no energy at all it is draging me down I can't take it any longer all i wanna do is sleep. when I workout I can barely do 20 pound curls it's so exausting every single day I have been to many of doctors and had tons of test taking to find out I m in perfect health with no prob's at all I also had a physical WHAT THE HEX IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! I wanna start taking test to boost my energy level is that the right thing to do? or is there something else you guys think would work for and do you think it might be a sign of depression?? please help has anyone had this prob........... thanks a bunch

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    It may be a sign of depression, or a sign of low test levels.

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    eca would boost your energy thats for sure Or maybe just adding caffeine 200mgs 3x per day would definately help

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    Vitamin B12 deficiency causes fatigue. Years ago, a small, double-blind trial reported that even some people who are not deficient in this vitamin had increased energy after vitamin B12 injections, compared with the effect of placebo injections.1 In recent years, however, the relationship between B12 injections and the energy level of people who are not vitamin B12-deficient has been rarely studied. In a preliminary trial, 2,500–5,000 mcg of vitamin B12, given by injection every two to three days, led to improvement in 50–80% of a group of people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), with most improvement appearing after several weeks of vitamin B12 shots.2 The ability of vitamin B12 injections to help people with CFS remains unproven, however. People with CFS interested in considering a trial of vitamin B12 injections should consult a doctor. Oral or sublingual (administered under the tongue) B12 supplements are unlikely to obtain the same results as injectable B12, since the body’s ability to absorb large amounts is relatively poor.

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    Have you done any AAS cycles before? Just wondering if you've messed something up. You're a little young for HRT, but I'd get a full checkup done to see primarily what your free test levels and thyroid hormone levels look like.

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