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    Question To Boat Or Not To Bloat!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    im going to be taking Dbol in a bout a couple weeks and i know i will get water retention though it is not a big problem i would like to know if that when u take nolva it will keep your bloating down but will it also affect the potency of Dbol because i want some ****en GAINS on this cycle !!!!!!!

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    nolva won't really take the bloat down too much, that what an AI is for, and nolva definitely won't detract from your real muscular gains. As a synthetic estrogen, it gives most of the positive benefits of estrogen (enhanced glycogen storage, positive effects on cholesterol levels) with very few of the negatives. 10 mg of nolva every day should be in every cycle, imho.

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