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    Thumbs up Just ordered some Clen!

    Should be here within a couple of days now. Can anyone give me some advice on this, I have read numerous reports on this, but can't find exactly what I am looking for. Stats are 6"1 230lb 14b/f, I know a little high, but this is why I looked into the clen . My friend started at 235lbs and cut to 210 ripped to the bone, probably one of best six pack that I have ever seen. Anyway back to the subject, I have heard people who said two weeks on two weeks off, and on the off week take an ECA stack. My boy told me that I should do a 3days on, 2days off. He told me that your body will get used to Clen after 3days, because it starts to act as an antihistamine(I think this is spelled wrong.) Can someone shed some light on this for me, I was planning on taking 100mcg ED no matter what way I do it. By the way it the ***** version. BUMP, me with so info please.

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    Great info on Clen from some who really knows:

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    get ready for the shakes lol and i don't mean from protein

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