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    dosage advice tren/stan/equipoise

    hi there all... I guess I've been on these boards long enough to know that just when I think I know how to split dosages, I find out I'm wrong. Was looking for some advice. My 4th and 5th cycles are going to be:

    4th - Trenbolone , winstrol (inject), and equipoise (Sustanon available for use, but I didn't plan on using it)

    5th - Trenbolone, Sustanon, and Deca

    I've noticed in previous cycles that I don't get any gains after eight weeks, so I'm going to limit these cycles to eight weeks only. Other than that, how do you guys think I should dose these?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    if you are doing a cycle and not gaining after 8 weeks you are doing somthing wrong. i would check into your diet and workout. or f cycle sould look like this
    1-16 sust 750mg split into eod shoots
    1-8 tren 75mg oed
    1-12 400mg.
    12-17 winny 50mg day

    i think befor you do this you should find out y your not gaining on your cycles

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    If you are using sust then go with EOD injections because of the different esters. If its the first run with tren the 75 EOD is enough, I have used higher doses and 75 always worked good for me.

    EQ at 400 EW and winny 50 ED. I wouldnt run tren and deca together as you are looking to grow boobies.

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