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Thread: 2q's on dosing

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    2q's on dosing

    If your taking 400mg test a week would it be better to split that week in two inj -say 200mg on monday and 200mg thusday? Just wondering if thats more practical.
    Also I know 1'' needles are recomended, but would 3/4'' do just fine?-for shoulder injections?

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    what kind of test?

    really dosent matter i guess, its always better to split it up. keeps the blood concentrations more even, and you dont get that roller coaster effect.

    if you arent carrying a lot of bodyfat, then a 3/4 pin would be fine for delts. the bi's and tri's are good for smaller pins too, but everywhere else is 1"minimum.

    peace I4L

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    If its one of the long acting esters i.e. cyp or enth bi-weekly injections are recommended to keep blood levels constant.

    As I4Life suggests......depends on the amount of BF.

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