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    Help with these cycles..Please!

    Ok. Im not finished with my current cycle but I am already planning the next three. Not sure on doses yet (maybe you can help) but here is the gear....

    Summer Lean: Winny (injectable) - 50mg 3x a week
    Deca or EQ - ??

    Fall Bulk: Ara-test2500 - ??
    EQ - ??

    Winter Bulk: Dbol - 20mg per day (front loading for first 4 weeks)
    Test E and Test Cyp - 450mg/wk

    I am trying to take it slow on the amount of juice. I would like your opinions on dosage. I have an idea but would like to have others.


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    You need to run test as a base for all cycles. The reason why is becase, for instance, EQ and Deca will shut your HPTA down hard (ie.. DECA DICK... MR. LIMP) and the Test will combat that. If you are not worried about getting wood during your cycle then don't run test, but I would. Something like Test Prop is usually used in a "cutter" because it has low water retention, but you have to shoot it ED. The same goes for winny... 50mg/ed. You can use any form for test for a cutting cycle, just run an anti-e like Nolva of Letro along with it to keep you as dry as possible.

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    Canada Ehh...
    might try some thing like this:
    Bulker: week 1 to 12. 500mg test-e or cyp/week spilit into 2 injections
    week 1 to 10. 400mg deca /week split into 2 injections
    optional,week 1 to 4 30mg d-bol/day to jump start cycle

    Cutter: week 1 to 12 75mg test prop/day
    week 1 to 10 400mg Eq/week split into 2 injections
    week 7 to 12 50mg winny/day
    with both deca and eq you will want to use 200mg/day b-6 and if you run d-bol
    I would reccomend useing milkthistle to help out the old liver. I am assuming this is not a first cycle. if it is a first then I would stick to test only. nolva can be used during cycle or just on hand incase of gyno, that is up to you. dont forget clomid/nolva pct.

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