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    www.*****.com website Legit ?

    Hey Everyone.
    I'm a bit new here so what's up to everyone I havn't met yet in my few short posts. But my question is about the website www.*****.com . I'm starting up my first injectable cycle and I need 10mg of Novla ED. I was told that ARR research website was safe and legit to order from. So.. ah.. is it?
    would I be able to pay and have it sent to my home address?
    thanks bros or any info and experience with the website.

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    yes its legit...after you order your research stuff will arrive in 3 worries with them,,,,,check out the supplement company in the banners too..they have better prices than the online place i was using...and they carry a product i have a hard time finding....just ordered with them for the first time..
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    Yes, it's 100% legit, or it wouldn't be our sponsor.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Lion makes good products!

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    You won't go wrong with *****, bro.

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    Thanks bros, just checking up... wanted a little more confirmation than just one person. Can never be to safe ya know.
    thanks again.

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