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    if shot isnt sore does that mean anything?

    i had a shot in my left delt of 2 and a 1/2 cc's of test en and my delt wa sore as hell for 2 days. 2 days ago i took 2 cc's of eq in my left delt but it never got sore, so does this mean anything about my gear?

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    I have had shots with the same gear that were hardly managable and some that I didn't feel hardly at I would say no. But I am sure there are more knowledged individuals here that can add to that.... I ran test E last delt shot I couldnt lift my freakin arm...but I like the pain so it was fun...anyway I shot same stuff again in delt and it wasnt bad at all... I am just trying to be logical here but may be something more involved...

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    Shots don't bother me much anymore but i still get a bit sore usually. But every once in a while i get a good one that is completly painless. It's normal. Some hurt more than others.

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    Sometimes you get sore, sometimes you don't no biggie. I guess its the drug that really determines whether or not you get sore. I know prop hurts me like a bitch. Deca , Cyp, EQ, stuff like that doesn't even tickle my sites

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    Yeah BigBodyJosh is right prop is painful for its alcohol and Enanthate hurts
    a little but Eq doesn't hurt at all, Cyp hurts a little bit but nothing too
    extreme, the pain issue will always depend on the alcohol each gear contains
    inside it.

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