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    Bridging a cycle

    Do you guys think its possible when u bridge a cycle to put on that initial weight gain again as you normally due at the begining of a cycle? Thanks

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    bridging cycles?

    i started this same thread a few days ago...maybe this can help.

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    Nice thnaks man. Ya i've been reading all this bad **** the've been sayign about bridign im pretty young and i guess I need to just take my time

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    Ok...I went out and found this info taken from another post on another forum and i hope this helps you as much as it is about to help me. I'm definately doing this so sit back, read this and decide whether or not what you're going to do. I've been researching for a few days now and finally found ya go.


    This explains the bridge in an easy-to-read manner with overall accurate information. Again, if using D-bol (androgen) it should be limited to 10mg and only be taken in the AM. If using Var (anabolic ) you can use up to 20mg and it does not need to be used in AM. If using Test, then it really doesnt matter because the recovery factor will not be there. Again, I define a "bridge" as a way to recover HPTA while maintaining gains...this is my good deed for the day....

    D-bol Bridge Explained by Fonz
    I've been reading some of the posts regarding this
    bridge and some of them are truly from left-field.
    First of, this is a BRIDGE. OK? a B-R-I-D-G-E.

    Your LH function and Test levels are supposed
    to RECOVER.

    Ok, now having said that.
    Here's the pharmo-kinetics behind Methandrostenelone,
    brand name Dianabol .

    10mg taken at once will increase your average testosterone level by 5 times and decrease your endogeneous cosrtisone
    by 50-70%.

    The reason why dianabol is a good choice for a bridge is that
    its VERY anti-catabolic. It also dopaminergic. Giving you the
    benefits of increased CNS strength modulation by
    its androgenic mode of action.
    Androgens, in case you don't know, increase neuro-muscular
    function, thus STRENGTH.

    OK. Now, lets delve into the metabolic chemistry behind
    dianabol's choice as a bridging agent.

    When are testosterone levels highest?

    Answer: In the AM, thats when.

    Your body releases a tesosterone spike in the morning.
    This is when tesosterone levels are highest.

    When are Insulin levels lowest?

    Answer: In the AM thats when.

    Low insulin levels=increased protein used as fuel.
    (Also fat, but protein is also being converted
    to glucose via glucogenesis)

    OK, here is where dball's short half-life works for us
    (Its 3.2-4.5 hrs btw)

    Lets take Subject X.

    He's in bridging mode.
    He has just woken up.
    The body is about to release tesosterone, thus
    creating a spike.
    His insulin levels are low.
    His LH and test levels are very low.

    He pops 10mgs of dianabol.

    Here is where things get interesting.

    The 10mgs of dianabol will cause a testosterone
    spike WHICH COINCIDES WITH the testosterone
    released ENDOGENEOUSLY in the AM by the testes.

    The body will be partially fooled.
    It will not entirely detect the increased levels of testosterone
    (above the normal test sipke), thus LH function WILL
    REMAIN only partially(Very little actually) suppressed.

    In other words, he is "piggy-backing" an extra dose of testosterone on top of the endogeneously reduced one,
    thus creating an "inflated" test spike.

    Henceforth, LH levels WILL BE ALLOWED TO SLOWLY
    RECOVER over time.
    Also, dballs anti-catabolic effect will help curb protein-loss
    in the morning from low insulogenic levels.

    HOWEVER, and here is where almost all of you go wrong.

    You CANNOT GO PAST 10mg of dianabol in the AM
    for this bridge to work!!!!

    Why? Because of the blood levels of dianabol you would generate.

    10mg in the AM will be broken down to 5mg in about 4 hrs
    (Probably less)

    5mg of dianabol, is not enough to cause another rise
    in testosterone levels after the precceeding one. Thus,
    LH function is allowed to up-regulate.

    Anything more(Say 20mgs), will cause a SEDCONDARY
    testosterone spike which WILL inhibit LH function further,
    thus not allowing LH function to recover.

    Oh yeah...100mgs? ROTLMFAO!! Fat chance.

    The difference between 20mgs and 10mgs means the difference
    between allowing LH to recover slowly and not allowing it to.

    So, here's the scenario summed up:

    Beginning: LOW LH and test.

    Adding the 10mgs dball.

    LH is allowed to SLOWLY RECOVER over time as
    testosterone levels are kept at a level which
    will not cause muscle-loss. Also, dball's anti-catabolic effects
    will reduce protein degradation.(Via cortisone

    This is what i call a double positive. You have managed to
    INCREASE anabolism(Test levels) and DECREASE
    catabolism(cortisone), during a bridge to boot!!

    The bridge should last 8 weeks, NO LESS.
    I also have to say, that it WILL NOT restore
    complete LH function. It'll get you 80-90%
    of the way there but the only way you're going
    to get your full LH function back is if you go OFF
    Anavar WILL NOT restore LH completely either btw.
    (In case anybody is wondering.)
    The difference is that with anavar you can take it
    throughout the day and with dball it HAS TO BE
    once in the AM.

    Hope that clears the air.

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    Depends if you mean "bridge" or "cruise", two very different things.

    A bridge is when you do as josh said, run something like a low dose of Dbol , Var or Primo thru standard PCT to help keep your gains while your Test levels are returning and sometimes until the next cycle.

    A cruise does not include any form of PCT, you do not recover, the purpose is to "down-regulate" your receptors so they will become more sensitive when you jump back up to your usual dose. This period can last 4-8 weeks on average and will usualy be something like 200-300mg of Test /week.

    I plan on doing a cruise period myself, alot argue against it since it can be tough to recover from such a long cycle, I don't have that problem myself, not alot phases my HPTA. Depends on the person, its up to you bro

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