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    Question CARDIO and BODY FAT ?s

    I'm on my second cyle and started two week ago and am taking abouut 375mg of enanthate with 400mg eq. My goal of course is to get as big as i can but to shred up as much as posiible. My buddy been using for years and reccommends not doing cardio for heart reasons and says not to worry with this cycle. Is cardio reccommended?? What are the best ways to get body fat down is clen worth it?? My first cyle was 400mg deca for 8 weeks so this is my first more serious cycle. any info and advice much appreciated

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    Always do cardio on cycle. 3x a week while bulking 5-7 times a week when cutting.

    Remember, you dont bulk and cut in the same small cycle, it needs to be two seperate stages.

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