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    what test to use

    I have been taking deca 200 2x a week for the last 4 weeks now. I was taking test ethanate 200 1x a week and started to get very aggressive I was wondering if any of the other tests would not cause this problem or if I should take less. I have stopped the test and have been fine. What is you opinions thanks

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    you stopped the test, and are running deca alone?

    and your running 400mg of deca, and only 200mg of test?

    mistake bro. deca by itself will give you gains, but might also affect your libido, and test should be the base of any cycle.
    200mg/week is pretty low too, i'm surprised youre getting those kinds of sides off that low of a dose.
    you must be very susceptible to test, and cycling might not be in your future if you cant even run lowered doses.

    peace I4L

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    i plan to start taking 250mg of test to hopefully avoid any sides like acne. i work in a prison and can get pissed pretty quick, i hope the test doesn't get me fired!

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    dude it sounds to me like you should cut the gear all together and do some reading.....get to know your **** before you start sticking yourself with stuff you have no idea about

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