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Thread: delt infection?

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    delt infection?

    my delt is red and feels like it is bruised when i touch it and have felt a bit tired and sick today im on 500mg test e norma ew 30mg d-bol ed and im 2 weeks into my cycle would you say thois is a infection ?
    the thing is the redness is not on the point of injection but under it and downmy bicep aswell it is a little swollen any ideas?thanks bro's

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    This may be an infection. Check your body temperature to see if your body is attacking an infection. If so take some antibiotics. And wait a day or so to see if the redness goes down.

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    It probally isnt as long as your gear is legit, you used a fresh pin, cleaned your injection area with soap and alcohol... I react that way to anything that I shoot in my shoulders... It will go away... and yes mine turns red, and spreads out form the area I injected. And hurts to touch...

    All Im saying is to watch it, and dont become paranoid yet...

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