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Thread: Question?

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    Thumbs up Question?

    I am getting ready to start my cycle, one week from this monday.

    1-20 TEST ENANTHATE 750mg wk
    1-20 EQ 600mg wk
    4-13 TREN ACETATE 75mg ED
    6-11 WINNY 50mg ED
    21-22 TEST PROPIONATE 100mg EOD

    1-22 LIQUIDEX .5mg ED
    1-22 NOLVA 20mg ED
    1-22 B-6 200mg ED

    23-26 Clomid 300mg 1st day, 100mg for the rest

    *Bought some Clen from ***** want to add that into the pct, but don't quit know how to go about it. The question that I really want answered is this enough anti's to be taking for particular cycle. I am gyno prone, so thats why I stocked up on liquidex, and Nolva(Liquid Tomoxifen Citrite also bought from *****) I read somewhere yesterday that Tomoxifen will increase estrogen/prolactin/prodogen. Is this true, I am worried because I will be taken EQ, TREN ACETATE during weeks 4-13. I just want to be sure to have all my **** in order before going about this cycle. Do you think that I will be okay with what I've got or do I need to get something else? Anyone on the board who could help me out?

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    Why didn't you get letrozole if you're gyno prone? Nolva increases the receptor for progesterone so it has the potentiol of increasing your chances of getting fina/deca gyno.

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    I would stop the EQ at week 19, and run the winny from week 17-22. Other then that it looks like a real nice cycle. You can start the clen the same day you start PCT, look up "clen handbook" it will tell you how to do it properly

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