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    When do you suggest starting anti e's

    week 1-4 30mg dbol /day
    week 1-10 300mg deca /week
    week 1-12 500mg enanthate /week

    week 1-12 Vitamin b6 200mg/day
    week 1-13 Milk thistle 1000mg/day

    I have nolvadex and letro on hand, but do I really need to start nolvadex if I don't see any signs like itchiness or swelling. I know many suggest running it at 10mg/day throughout, but I think it may have inhibited my gains on my first cycle.

    I'm 18 days into my cycle. I picked up the letro to get rid of bloat, but how long does it need to be in your system to be effective. I wasn't planning on using letro until week 4 or 5. I was planning on 1.25mg EOD of letro.

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    Letro should not be "on hand". Letro deals with all estrogenic sides just not bloating, so you can use it by itself.

    Start the letro 2 wks BEFORE the cycle, it takes time to reach ideal blood levels and inside of cells.

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