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    With all this talk on ug labs

    Just wanted to ask a ?.If this is not appropriate for this board then feel free to delete it!I would like to know who all has done pl labs gear and ugl labs gear recently and what their thoughts are on them.Please i know what alot of poeple think about ug labs stuff and i have read countless threads knocking them so please thats not what im asking for.I have used them in the past and i thought they were both great and just would like to see what some others users think.Thanks for any and all replys!

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    I just got done using PL prop and had nice results

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    I doubt I will ever order from a UG Lab ever again. I recently ordered and had trouble getting it even after they said they sent it. They in fact never sent it to begin with. They were lagging and trying to cover for it. I got my money back though. To me this just proves that they are usually run by people that dont understand truth and busness!

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    You should always ask a mod for a source check, not just is it legit but how are their business practices. Only ask one mod and if they do not know they will find out or have you pm another mod who does.

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