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    a little help with my cycle....

    I have done a EQ - winny cycle before and I am going to start a Test E, Deca300, and Winny cycle this week however I want to make sure I have the dosage down.

    Week 1-8
    Test E - 500mg/week - should I take this all at once or split it up through the week?
    Deca - 250mg/week

    Week 8-12
    Test E - 500mg/week
    Deca - 250mg/week
    Winny - how much should I take?

    I am 5'9 - 199lbs approx 19% BF. My goal is to gain lean mass while cutting. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    you can not gain mass and cut at the same time. but if you wont to run test deca winny i would do it like this

    1-12 test 500mg split into 2 shoots a week
    1-11 deca 400mg
    8-13 winny 50 mg day
    1-11 b6 200mg day
    1-12 nolv 10mg day
    then pct 14 days after last shoot of test

    if you are looking to be lean you might wont to run eq not deca. but most of that will depend on your diet.

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