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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cutting Cycle

    I need some help with a cutting cycle.
    Have lifted for over 12 years and need to shed about 10% body fat.
    I have a good clean diet and at the cardio the right about of time.
    I have not flirted with roids for awhile and this is why I need advice here.

    Right now the thought is to take Winny w/ some Clen (tabs).
    I however need some help with the cycle. How long should I run it? How often the winny and clen. If any ideas on a cycle I would greatly appreciate it and how long a cycle.
    I know this is asking alot but we were all here once. Really apreciated.

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    the search button will bring up hundreds of threads on this, best bet would b to do some research and come up with a cycle then post it for guys to pick it apart. search prop,eq,var,winny,tren /fina,oral turinabol . those are all good for cutting, but again it all comes down to diet.

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    yeah do a search on prop, winstol (winny), anavar (var), EQ, tren , clen , eca, t-3

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