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Thread: Tren question

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    Tren question

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted some input from the pros here, I ran tren 150 EOD(but it was more like every 2.5days cuz I got lazy), I developed gyno and I am currently off cycle running letro and lumps have reduced. However, I LOVE tren, once it kicked in I was hell on two legs, anyway. If I want to run it again, anyone know if 50MG EOD would be effective? I know this is a low low dose, but apparently I am really sensative to prolactin gyno(I was running B6 200mg, nolva 20mg ED at the time gyno occured). I've run test E up to 800mg no problems. My gyno is minor and can hardly be noticed at all, BUT I don't want to worsen it if I don't have too, so I'm thinking 500mg test again TREN 50mg EOD. Please let me know if any of you have run this cycle(with such a low tren dose) before and what the results were. I'm really going to run this like a cutter with more cardio this time around. First time was 150 tren EOD 600mg test E, bench went from 330ish to 385 in a matter of 4 weeks, however it went back to 325ish 2 months after PCT

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    wut r ur stats? cycle exp? r u running tren alone?? u should always have test as a base. b6 shoulda helped but maybe u wanna try some bromo.

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