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    First time user, need advice on what to take

    I'm 19, i have worked out for about 2 years now on and off during highschool, and have seen no substantial gains. It seems that i cant gain weight. I am 6'2'' 175 pounds, and i'm wondering what is the best and safest cycle i can take?

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    in my opinion you are still just a little young. I would wait. and I am sure diet and trainning are the problem. got to the diet forum and read the bulking sticky, and spend some time getting your workouts perfected. you should be able to grow more
    before ya cycle.

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    everyone is gon tell u to wait for a couple yrs, that would b ur best bet bro, just get ona good diet and i guarantee u can gain more weight. do a search on test e and dbol , also look up anti e's and pct. thats all u really need for a 1st cycle. but i would recomend u wait

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    Eat more... if you can't gain weight, youre not eating enough, or your training sucks.

    How many calories are you eating per day?

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