I need help on determining what should I do. I am almost certain I have high estrogen levels. I have gyno (puffy areola), and fat around lower abs. I had gyno taken out last year, and now it's coming back a bit, and this just drives me nuts. Someone please tell me what to do. I am not on a cycle, and dont plan to be until I lower my fat, and straighten this out. I workout 4 times per week, and just started running 3 times per week (30 min) in the am, on empty stomack.
Some questions I have are:
1) Will using an anti-e, like letro help me get rid of some of the stubborn fat? Will it reduce the puffiness in my nipples?
2) What does everone mean by "squirts" in regards to letro?
3) what kind of doctors specialize in hormonal inbalance?
4) would be great to hear from anyone that has this problem. (If any)