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    Exclamation T3- Recomended doses?

    Hey, im gonna order some Liothronine sodium, also known as T3, but im not sure what doses i should take it in, if u know ne thing about this ****, i would appreciate the advice.

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    Here Are Some T3 Threads For

    His name is Mallet btw...This is how he runs it (not saying it is for you):

    Day 1: 200mcg
    Day 2: 200mcg
    Day 3: 200mcg
    Day 4: 200mcg
    Day 5: 200mcg
    Day 6: 100mcg
    Day 7: 50mcg

    I suggest reading up on the threads in the link I posted first.... then from that, judge what a proper dose would be.
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    do a lot more reading, as i personally can only handle 100mcg/day dose without feeling like total dog**** in a sauna

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