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    B.D.'s TEST. CYP. REAL/FAKE????????

    sup bro's, i got some british dragon testosterone cypionate about a year ago when i was desperate trying to order gear online! i'm all out of my Q.V.test. E.
    and not ready to stop cycling {awesome gains}!! i was wanting to incorporate
    this cyp. but was really sketched out about putting that **** in to my body,
    because it looks so plain and fake a 5th grader could have made this ****!!!!!
    i put 1cc in to my right glute and absolutly no pain what-so-ever! which
    basically makes me think that its bogus as a three dollar bill! has anyone else had this stuff and if so was it REAL? i need some input quick-like before my
    blood plasma levels start to decrease! it looks identical as the bottles you would see on there website........ but it just looks to dam plain to be real ya kno? i don't have a scanner so can't post a pic, but they look exactly the same as any other 10ml bottle of B.D. test. cypionate , ASAP input would be
    GREATLY appreciated. blue man. date, and blue exp. date, with light blue flip off tops, kno hallogram, but they say that the new vials dont have a hallogram, just a shiny red metallic label with the dragon at the bottom.
    thanks alot buddy's! LATER........

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    You might wanna move this to the pictures forum, and post some pics over there.

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    up an ass
    it looks so plain and fake a 5th grader could have made this ****!!!!!
    we cant help without a pic, its like saying

    hey, have you seen my car?? its blue, you know its got 4 wheels, and a bonnet?? do you know which one i mean?? its just not possible...

    I am not sure how it looks fake?? how does a fake look to you?? to me "it sounds" real however i have no clue till i can see a pic, and bd cyp doesnt hurt anyway, if you like to have pain just to prove legitimacy of your gear, then I can make you some up with 50% b/a and it will be real as hell!!!


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    if it matches everything on their website it is probably real but like TOJ said it is not going to hurt and you would be better off with that instead of QV test.

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