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    Feb 2005

    Just joined the dark side ;)

    So started my first cycle today. Will be deca and test c every week with some additional dianabol for first 2 weeks to speed things up at the start together with some nolvadex and then a proper PCT after that, asked in another thread already and will do ask i was recommended.

    For those that are afraid of injecting it was a piece of cake, wasn't nervous until i picked up the syringe and then my hands started shaking like crazy but didn't even feel the needle enter the first time, second shot was a bit more painful but the average papercut is way more painful

    Injecting is the way to go, not much pain and hopefully i'll start to see results in a few weeks.

    Just thought i'd post in case there was some newb (like myself) who needed some calming down about his first injection. Hasn't been more then about an hour but i'm feeling great, probably leftovers of adrenalin but anyway :P

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    alricht then....respect!!
    besides eat like a MF......

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    Hey man whats with all this darkside buisness....... It aint dark from were im standing. What are we all evil

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    Welcome bro..

    EAT EAT EAT!!!

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    welcome bro, ul never turn back!

    train hard or go home!

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