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    Question cycle

    I plan to start an 8 week deca /sus cycle in two weeks. I have done lots of research and feel that this is a reliable combination. However due to the dozens of varying information I am still unsure of the best admin procedure. Should I do both at the same time or stutter it, e.g. sus on monday and dec on wed. Also, I have some preg for after the course, do you think this is effective and do I need any extras other than the three mentioned?

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    I think 8 weeks is too short for a cycle like that. Go 10 weeks at the minimum. And just mix the sust and deca in the same syringe and shoot it. ALthough it's really better to shoot sust ed or e0d, you will still see decent results on 2x week injections. However, it's really a better idea for you to ditch the sust and go with a single long ester test like enanthate or cypionate .

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    I highly agree with Symatech. If at all possible...try and extend your cycle to 10wks. Shoot bi-weekly Sun/Mon or Mon/Thur. You can combine your sust and deca in the same syringe. I also agree with the single ester test as well. Good luck.

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