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    Reverse pyramid lifting while 'on' ?

    Reverse pyramid lifting has always been one of my favorites. It gives me the opportunity to see if my 'max' has gone up without getting tired first. I love the feeling of finishing with light weight and lots of reps.

    Anyways, guess I just want to see a show of hands of peopel who actually lift like this while on, thanks

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    well personally i do the 5-10-20 where i'll start off say doing chest...ill do 5 reps of MAX weight on the bench, then ill do 10 reps as MAX as possible on incline, then ill do 20 reps as max as possible on pec deck...i only do this to freak my muscles out and change it up every so often ....PM me and ill give u a great link about 5-10-20's

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    Hell yeah!! After a good warmup, going heavy is cool and finishing with a devil pump is the ****!

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