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    Need help on my cycle..

    This is what Iwanted to do"
    week 1-4= D-bol 25mg ED
    week 1-4= 400mg enth
    week 5-10=600mg enth
    I have Bolden EQ also, and have read up alot on it, but have different views, meaning that it DOESNT aromitize in the blood so what type of dosage is recommended for my cycle? How often, same as the test? And if anyone has any idea on the test, please feel free, like should I do 600 across the whole cycle? Or 600 in the begining to stack it with the d-bol?

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    Run 600mg on the test from the start...It takes a few weeks to fully kick in...If yu wanna add EQ, 400mg a week should be enough...

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    Id keep the test at 500mg throughout and extend the test to 13 weeks and add EQ at 400mg for 12 weeks.

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