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    Friend needs help

    Ok guys, I posted this in the female section and got 3 views the whole night so I can't really post this anywhere else.

    I have a female friend who is 5'4 and weighs 110 pounds. She is pretty skinny and has tiny muscles when she flexes her arms. She has never worked out and wants to start. I think she has a very nice body for not working out, she is very toned already. Her goal is to look more in shape like the miss fitness competitions but slightly less. She wants to have more curves and very little more size since she thinks she is too boney.

    Now the thing is, I don't know exactly what to tell her since I don't know how to train a female. I really need your help on this one.

    Can you guys tell me what she needs to do in terms of her diet and workout? The more specific the better, thanks.
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    body for Life ...keep her off any AAS .....Protein and food creatine, NO2

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